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UAE Creatives: Join us at Bahrain Comic Con! 

Exciting news! Uprizing is offering a unique opportunity for UAE artists to showcase their products at Comic Con Bahrain for a flat fee. Expand your reach beyond local events and enjoy extended marketing benefits. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your brand!


Celebrate EID with Uprizing!

Early Eid Mubarak to everyone, Uprizing is offering an exciting Eid plan for our friends in Dubai.

Level up your Eid with the ultimate gaming experience delivered right to your home! Transform any space into your own personal Eid Game Zone – no setup hassle required!

احتفل بالعيد مع أبرايزنج!

تهنئة مسبقة بمناسبة العيد للجميع، ونحن في أبرايزنج نقدم خطة عيد ممتعة للأصدقاء في دبي. هل تبحثون عن طريقة فريدة للاحتفال مع العائلة والأصدقاء؟

‎قم بإضفاء المرح على العيد من خلال تجربة الألعاب التي ستصل مباشرة إلى منزلك! حوّل أي مساحة إلى منطقة ألعاب العيد الشخصية دون عناء التجهيز.

What is it about?

Who are we?

Let the Uprizing START!


Uprizing was established with the idea of having the community first. We organize events based on passion and supporting local-based gamers, artists, content creators, etc., and providing them with more opportunities to showcase their hard work and passion and connecting them with relevant companies, organizations, and government entities to help cultivate their talent


We aim to become the main organizer for such events in the country and region, especially ones related to Esports and pop culture. Through our events, we aim to provide a social networking destination by creating a social community where people can hang around and play with friends, family and even others with similar hobbies and interests.


Markets and Exhibitions

Exhibiting at our events is a great way to meet a new target market and introduce your brand or work to larger audiences!

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Gaming and Esports

We organize gaming events and activations that range from casual gaming, competitive Esports Competitions, as well as Board Games and all types of gaming!


Cosplay, Anime, Music, and others

Stage activities? We are all about those. Whether it is showcasing your cosplay, or playing and singing, or talking about your passions. We have it all here!



Sabaku Rumble, based in United Arab Emirates, is an Esports community and a series of Esports Tournaments in the GCC. While Esports is well established and currently booming in various countries, it is still a growing industry in the GCC and requires more efforts from all parties we can go to the next level.


At Sabaku Rumble, we aim to be an integral part of that change! Our vision is to be the number one Esports community in UAE and the GCC.


Our mission is to provide community members of all skill levels with a platform and the required support for playing, networking, mentorship, as well as Esports career development.


We aim to create a community where members can share the hype and all the fun moments of Esports with everyone by having a community that can inspire one another, as we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together! 

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